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How to take care of your hair ?


The return of the beach and the salty sea did not disturb you. Your hair also suffers from it and makes it known: hair loss, oily scalp, dry ends, loss of volume and so on.

7 degrees in the morning, 14 in the afternoon and 9 in the evening, it seems that autumn is here. And the return of cooler temperatures also explains your hair change. Thus, it is important to adapt your routine according to the season. So don’t wait any longer andfind the right solution for your hair in autumnreading the next lines.

How to take care of your hair with an oily scalp?

When the temperatures start to drop, the scalp has the annoying tendency to produce sebum a little more abundantly than usual in order to maintain its balance. So inevitably, if you already have hair that tends to become greasy easily, this phenomenon will only amplify your nature.

Scalp scrubs are very beneficial in helping the scalp eliminate excess sebum, loosen dead skin, maintain an impermeable skin barrier and stimulate hair growth. Two solutions: a brush, or a grain scrub dedicated to the scalp.

If possible, we try to space out the washes as much as possible (we’re not talking about a sebum cure but a shampoo/week). The more oily the hair, the more often it is washed… and this is a vicious circle, because by washing your hair too often, the scalp becomes damaged and produces more sebum in response. As a result, the hair regreases even faster.

And as a bonus, solid shampoos are often free of sulfates and harsh detergents, making them less likely to cause scalp irritation.

How to maintain dry and brittle hair?

This is what worries most in general: your hair breaks, splits and therefore no longer grows . Rapunzel’s hair length is not on your side! What to do ? Nothing better than care. So even if this trick is already part of your routine, it is important to apply even more hydrating and rich products when fall comes to take care of your hair in depth.

It is also recommended to ban the use of the hair dryer as much as possible, and let your hair dry in the open air.

To nourish them, an oil bath with vegetable oils is ideal before shampooing. It is applied from roots to ends, emphasizing lengths and ends. To leave on all night for example (or at least a few hours in an oil bath), they help maintain hydration in the hair fiber.

And to hydrate them, we opt for mild shampoos and treatments to be applied from roots to ends, as a conditioner: based on almond, avocado, banana…

How to act against hair loss?

Vitamin D and food supplements can help strengthen hair and limit hair loss. In addition, eating more salmon, fresh tuna, sardines, eggs or mushrooms will also bring you the natural benefits for your hair. To your fall recipes!

And for the biggest losses, it is also possible to call on thehair mesotherapy. Little known and yet so practical, hair mesotherapy is particularly effective against hair loss, mild alopecia and fine hair. It activates the hair follicles, facilitates and enhances hair growth thanks to a revitalizing cocktail containing hyaluronic acid, minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

It is a treatment that can be done regularly or occasionally: we generally offer 4 sessions spaced 15 days apart for severe hair loss. It is also advisable to carry out maintenance sessions every four to five months so that the results can last over time, especially in the fall and winter.

And if the hair loss is more important ,it is possible to call on the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) : just like “meso”, this treatment further boosts hair regrowth, cell regeneration and the formation of new blood vessels by using the plasma and platelets present in the blood.


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