The Intravenous Elixir: Unlocking the Secrets of IV Therapy

106 ViewsHave you heard of IV Therapy? French Riviera, Las Vegas, Dubai, London – all these fashionable cities already offer this service to their visitors. Just just what does IV stand for, then? An intravenous (IV) line allows for the…

The benefits of massage for seniors

108 ViewsAs you get older, massage therapy is an excellent way to contribute to a good quality of life since it helps relieve various ailments and provides the body with a state of relaxation. Seniors often find it a source…

Do you know doll therapy?

167 ViewsIt is said of the elderly that they revert to childhood, but is this the case? In some French institutions welcoming people with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, patients are offered to take a doll in their arms….