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The different types of dietary supplements


Do you want to boost your progress with a real mass gain? Whether you are a beginner or a confirmed athlete, a mass gain program is intended to make you gain pounds of muscle! During this period, heavy workouts and high-calorie meals punctuate your daily life 7/7, and can end up hurting your motivation. Although they are not mandatory, dietary supplements for mass gain can offer a serious boost by facilitating the absorption of calories, increasing muscle strength and optimizing protein synthesis.

We tell you everything.

Why take dietary supplements for muscle mass?

Muscle-building specific training and diet are necessary if you want to build your physique by increasing your muscle mass. Eating 4 to 6 meals a day is already a habit to adopt, since the muscles need constant amino acid intake to recover and develop, but also because it is a very effective way to maintain your metabolism .

Sports food supplements are, as their name suggests, food supplements. They are not, as most people might think, just for performance enhancement. To be fair, you can very well gain mass without consuming dietary supplements. Only, you have to be able to eat solid foods 6 times a day, sufficiently rich in micronutrients, fibers, proteins, carbohydrates and good fats to ensure that you consume enough amino acids, vitamins and minerals: for nourish your muscles, but also to maintain good health.

However, we realize very quickly that doing without food supplements is not only expensive, but also time-consuming, in addition to being difficult to digest. Dietary supplements are neither miracle products nor placebos that are just good at generating sales. They are intended to make the athlete’s diet more comfortable, more effective and healthier.

But which supplements should be preferred to obtain good results? How to choose among so many references available? Wikifit helps you take stock, by listing the five nutritional supplements to favor for mass gain.

What are the products to choose to build muscle quickly in bodybuilding?

Vitamin and mineral complexes

They are the basis of everything else. Without them, no protein, carbohydrate or lipid source would be properly metabolized.

A good multivitamin complex should include: vitamin C, group B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, potassium and some trace elements. You may be thinking that by following a balanced food program you are not likely to suffer from deficiencies, but know that the foodstuffs that we consume today are depleted in micronutrients (transport, storage, handling).

Vitamins and minerals

Even by growing your own fruits and vegetables, you will never be able to reach your quota of micronutrients necessary to maintain the balance of the organism.

Consume a vitamin-mineral complex every morning, even on non-training days .

Isolate for building muscle

Whey isolate , or isolate , is whey that has undergone an additional filtration step: it no longer contains fat or lactose at all . Isolate is ideal for people who cannot tolerate dairy products and for muscle definition phases, as its calorie content is low. Isolate is also very useful for mass gain, in particular thanks to its extreme digestibility. It can be mixed with sweet potato or oat flour to obtain a more caloric mixture, but sufficiently digestible to be consumed several times a day.


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